Safeguarding Your Health

Safeguarding Your Health

If health is our most precious treasure, stress is a menacing thief trying
to rob us of it every day. And if you’re not diligently protecting your
health against potential break-ins, chances are you’ll lose it
without any warning.

Stress negatively affects our health in many ways, but perhaps the most
devastating is its effect on our Nerve System. Studies have shown a
link between stress and a phenomena called

Sympathetic Dominance – a condition where the ‘fight or flight’
functions of your Nerve System become chronically overactive, leading
to overload in organic functions, fatigue and eventually disease (1). The good news…

When stress is trying to rob you blind, Chiropractic care is the vault
protecting your most valuable assets. Just don’t use it for bad backs
and bad necks. You can rely on regular adjustments
to safeguard your nerve system and preserve your WHOLE health.
It’s for so much more than pain relief.

(1) Chronic Activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System Journal of Applied  physiology 12/2010 Vol 109 Esler. et al.

Something to consider…

Dr. Timothy Henderson, Gainesville Family Chiropractor

Distributed with
permission © The Weekly Sticky


Summer Office hours


Get connect chiro picture

I have to be out of the office on Thursday 7/18/2013.  I will be back in the office Friday for summer office hours.


Summer office hours are as follows:


Monday through Friday Mornings 9:30 to 12:00

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Afternoons 1:30 t0 5:30


Get in her and get connected!

Dr. Tim

Partner Stretch Workshop

Constance is leading a Partner Stretch Workshop the end of this month. Feedback from the first class was great. One more thing to help you meet your life goals.

The Therapeutic Partner Stretch Workshop Series offer You and your spouse, daughter, friend or buddy the opportunity to move more freely in life. Each workshop provides space for the two to be twain with mindful motion and guided stretch.

This workshop engages us more fully in our movement in life. Through trusting our stretch partner and applying active communication we have the opportunity for not only increased mobility but also profound growth in our personal relationship.

Bring your stretch partner, wear comfortable clothes and remember- “He who is flexible will not get bent out of shape!”

Workshop Fees are $110 a couple. The next workshop will be help 2/23/2013 at 6:30 pm at The Green House at Faith’s Acre.

Move Well!