Attaining a goal…

After spending some significant time this summer brushing up on biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, health policy ad social and behavioral science I took National Board of Public Health Examiners Certification Exam in October. I FINALLY recieved my scores this week and am happy to report I am now Board Certified in Public Health (CPH). The point of the CPH is to establish an international standard for professionals across all areas of public health, regardless of the area of specialization.
While it has no particular impact on my private practice it was a long-time goal and I am excited to mark it off my list.


The Way We’re Wired…

Source Symptom Wires

If you present with pain radiating down the left arm, any health care professional would recognize the urgency of addressing the source of the problem (i.e. your heart) vs. simply treating the symptom (the pain in your arm) – that mistake could kill you. It’s also the reason why Chiropractors focus on the source of your complaint and not necessarily where you feel it.

Referred pain is a sensation that occurs distally from the main problem area. Because of the vast network of nerves that travel from your brain to your body, it isn’t uncommon for patients to feel their symptoms far away from where the actual problem is. Subluxations (mechanical nerve interference) in the low back can radiate pain down the legs, subluxations in the neck can radiate pain to the arm. Sometimes organic dysfunctions can originate from segmental misalignments in your spine as well.

Ultimately, where you ‘sense it’ isn’t necessarily where we need to ‘fix it.’ If your Chiropractor works on a spinal region remote from the area of pain you’re pointing to, it’s not because we’re indifferent to how you feel – it’s because we understand how you’re wired.

Timothy Henderson, DC
Gainesville Family Chiropractor

Safeguarding Your Health

Safeguarding Your Health

If health is our most precious treasure, stress is a menacing thief trying
to rob us of it every day. And if you’re not diligently protecting your
health against potential break-ins, chances are you’ll lose it
without any warning.

Stress negatively affects our health in many ways, but perhaps the most
devastating is its effect on our Nerve System. Studies have shown a
link between stress and a phenomena called

Sympathetic Dominance – a condition where the ‘fight or flight’
functions of your Nerve System become chronically overactive, leading
to overload in organic functions, fatigue and eventually disease (1). The good news…

When stress is trying to rob you blind, Chiropractic care is the vault
protecting your most valuable assets. Just don’t use it for bad backs
and bad necks. You can rely on regular adjustments
to safeguard your nerve system and preserve your WHOLE health.
It’s for so much more than pain relief.

(1) Chronic Activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System Journal of Applied  physiology 12/2010 Vol 109 Esler. et al.

Something to consider…

Dr. Timothy Henderson, Gainesville Family Chiropractor

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Do you need a life coach.

I get asked this question a lot and I can see a need for the role. It is a difficult world to say the least. We have many challenges to face on a daily basis… Time, finances, family, spiritual warfare, Career… I have had several coaches over the years. Two were very good. The rest were interested more in my monthly payment then in my progress.

The Coach I have grown to know in the last few years is the best I have ever known.

He is on the job every day, all day, every day of every year. He is always there when I call.

When I need to talk to him, I drop to my knees and open my mouth.

When I’m not hearing the message, He sends his assistant(s) in to wake me up (Happened today).

One of His assistants handed me a manual the day I joined the team… I don’t even have to give it back.

When I miss something, He repeats the message until I get it. When I get it right, He rewards me.

While the cost to Him was great He provides his help for free. All I have to do is follow his example, and his commands… or in other words “Believe”.

When I follow the advice, I get better and grow, then He gives me more…

The BEST part is, he went to bat for me when I needed it most, in fact, he died for me. Gotta Love a coach who takes it on the chin for his team in the post game interview…

He doesn’t advertise but will call you when there is an opportunity for you to join his team. If you have any questions, He has instructed me to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within me.

Tim Henderson, DC
His Willing Servant

Medicare Changes

Medicare Members…

As of July 31, 2012, the chiropractic care I provide in my practice will no longer be consistent with Medicare’s guidelines for medical necessity and will no longer be a Medicare reimbursable expense. As such I will no longer file claims to or accept assignment from Medicare.

I will have very affordable options for those choose to continue care in my practice. I will not turn away any of my established practice members because of Medicare’s policies.

Timothy Henderson, DC

I’m Back!!

Israeli Flag at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount

We are back from Israel.  What a blessing to see the promised land and what a blessing to be back home.

Regular office hours resume today.  Get in here and get adjusted!  See you soon.

Dr. Tim Henderson

Family Chiropractor