Summer Office hours


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I have to be out of the office on Thursday 7/18/2013.  I will be back in the office Friday for summer office hours.


Summer office hours are as follows:


Monday through Friday Mornings 9:30 to 12:00

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Afternoons 1:30 t0 5:30


Get in her and get connected!

Dr. Tim

Partner Stretch Workshop

Constance is leading a Partner Stretch Workshop the end of this month. Feedback from the first class was great. One more thing to help you meet your life goals.

The Therapeutic Partner Stretch Workshop Series offer You and your spouse, daughter, friend or buddy the opportunity to move more freely in life. Each workshop provides space for the two to be twain with mindful motion and guided stretch.

This workshop engages us more fully in our movement in life. Through trusting our stretch partner and applying active communication we have the opportunity for not only increased mobility but also profound growth in our personal relationship.

Bring your stretch partner, wear comfortable clothes and remember- “He who is flexible will not get bent out of shape!”

Workshop Fees are $110 a couple. The next workshop will be help 2/23/2013 at 6:30 pm at The Green House at Faith’s Acre.

Move Well!

Massage Therapy and Bodywork Now Available!!!

We have been blessed to have an incredibly talented massage therapist come to serve with us in the office. Renada and I started working with Constance Evans several weeks ago for our own well being. We have been so impressed by her that I have asked her to perform some services in the office. We have a very relaxing massage and bodywork area and I am sure you will be pleased with your experience.

Constance is available by appointment Tuesdays and Thursdays during office hours. Please join Renada and me in welcoming her to our practice.

Do you need a life coach.

I get asked this question a lot and I can see a need for the role. It is a difficult world to say the least. We have many challenges to face on a daily basis… Time, finances, family, spiritual warfare, Career… I have had several coaches over the years. Two were very good. The rest were interested more in my monthly payment then in my progress.

The Coach I have grown to know in the last few years is the best I have ever known.

He is on the job every day, all day, every day of every year. He is always there when I call.

When I need to talk to him, I drop to my knees and open my mouth.

When I’m not hearing the message, He sends his assistant(s) in to wake me up (Happened today).

One of His assistants handed me a manual the day I joined the team… I don’t even have to give it back.

When I miss something, He repeats the message until I get it. When I get it right, He rewards me.

While the cost to Him was great He provides his help for free. All I have to do is follow his example, and his commands… or in other words “Believe”.

When I follow the advice, I get better and grow, then He gives me more…

The BEST part is, he went to bat for me when I needed it most, in fact, he died for me. Gotta Love a coach who takes it on the chin for his team in the post game interview…

He doesn’t advertise but will call you when there is an opportunity for you to join his team. If you have any questions, He has instructed me to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within me.

Tim Henderson, DC
His Willing Servant